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Stone, brick, and concrete elements offer style and function for many homes, from sturdy foundations to decorative paving stones. Yet while these materials are extremely strong, they may crack, break, or experience other damage over time. If your home’s masonry requires service, Allstars Masonry offers expert masonry repair for homeowners throughout North and Central New Jersey. When you call on us, you can expect reliable service from fully licensed technicians who make customer satisfaction a top priority.


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What Is Masonry?

Masonry is one of the oldest construction techniques in the world, and for good reason. Brick, stone, and concrete are durable materials that can last decades or more with the proper care. Masonry is also virtually maintenance-free, making it an extremely convenient option for outdoor features.
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Masonry isn’t invincible, however. Ice, snow, and road salt eat away at pavement and mortar. Even indoors, groundwater seepage can stain, weaken, and crack concrete foundations. When this damage occurs, it’s important to seek professional help to restore your masonry and maintain a safe, attractive home.

Our Masonry Repair Services

We repair and remodel a wide variety of masonry to address current damage and prevent further deterioration. These services include:


Your foundation keeps your home safe, stable, and secure, so it’s important to keep it in good condition. Weakened basement walls and floors are vulnerable to flooding, and even a small amount of water can lead to mold and affect belongings. If the damage is allowed to worsen, it can even threaten your home’s structural integrity and lead to cracking and warping elsewhere. Allstars Masonry repairs this damage and seals the concrete to prevent future problems.

Sidewalks and Paving

Walkways aren’t just functional – they can also add beauty to your home with intricate designs and rugged paver stones. When age or damage takes a toll, however, these walking surfaces can crack and break, allowing mud to collect or water to pool. Not only does this present a tripping hazard, but your walkways will become dangerously slippery when ice forms during the winter. We’ll repair damaged sidewalks and paver stones to ensure safe entry to your home and a sleek look you can enjoy year-round.

Porches and Steps

Your porch is a place to relax, enjoy fresh air, and greet neighbors and guests. The condition of your entryway steps is also important for home accessibility. Cracked or shifting stairs are easy to trip on and harder to keep clear of ice and debris. Uneven steps are also less welcoming and may be hard to navigate, especially for older family members. If your front porch and steps need repairs or you’d like to remodel or install a new porch, our services help ensure that these spaces are safe and comfortable for you and your visitors.

Complete Customer Satisfaction

At Allstars Masonry, we are committed to the long-term satisfaction of our customers. Your home is your most important investment, and we pride ourselves on providing efficient, timely, and high-quality workmanship during every job. With the skill and expertise offered by our licensed technicians, we strive to provide lasting repairs that you can trust for years to come.

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Don’t let broken steps, a cracked foundation, or sidewalk damage mar your property. Allstars Masonry offers high-quality masonry repair throughout North and Central NJ to help area homeowners restore the safety and beauty of their homes’ exterior features. Contact us today to learn more, or get started with a free quote.