Allstars MasonryTo keep your New Jersey home or business safe, it’s important to schedule an annual inspection and cleaning of your chimney. The accumulation of creosote can cause a dangerous fire within the chimney, and soot and blockages from debris or animal nests can cause the system to become inefficient. Allstars Masonry offers chimney creosote removal services, chimney inspection, and more for reasonable prices. Fill out the form or call 973-653-6853 to get a quote today.

Chimney Soot Removal and Creosote Removal

As you burn wood or other fuels, deposits of creosote and soot start to form on the inside of the flue. If not cleaned on a regular basis, these deposits can decrease the airflow of your system, creating inefficiency and potentially backing up smoke into your home. And when creosote deposits aren’t cleaned away, there’s a real danger of starting a fire inside the flue that damages the structure of your home or business.

Allstars Masonry can remove the soot and creosote to ensure your chimney works efficiently and safely. To speak with one of our experts, call 973-653-6853 today.

Chimney Animal Removal

Allstars MasonryWhen animals get into your chimney and set up a nest or den, it makes your chimney unsafe to use and puts the wildlife in danger. If you’re hearing sounds from inside your chimney, it may be that a bird has built a nest near or inside the chimney liner. Other animals, such as raccoons, mice, and squirrels can mistake your chimney for a tree hollow and become stuck. Whatever kind of critter has made its way into your home’s chimney, Allstars Masonry will remove the animal and clear clogged vents so you can get back to enjoying your fireplace or other home heating system.

Chimney Inspections

Loose bricks, cracks, and flashing that needs repair can cause huge headaches if they’re not caught in time. They can cause expensive damage to your home or business and create health and injury hazards for anyone who lives, works, or comes on to your property. That’s why annual chimney inspections are a smart move. With Allstars Masonry chimney inspection services, you’ll get a thorough assessment of what needs fixing, unclogging, or replacing so you can take action and ensure the safety of your family, friends, and community. 

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We proudly adhere to a code of ethics that shapes our professionalism and helps us build meaningful, long-term relationships with our customers. You can rest assured we’ll always be honest with you about the work that needs to be done, and we’ll ask you to pay reasonable prices for our services. If you live or run a business in New Jersey and you need a professional to inspect and clean your chimney, give Allstars Masonry a call at 973-653-6853 or fill out the form to set up an appointment.